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Old Testament Survey

New Testament Survey

New Testament Theology

Old Testament Theology

Induktiivõpe: Markuse evangeelium (EST)

Индуктивное изучение: Евангелие от Марка (RU)

Inductive Bible Study: Gospel of Mark (ENG)

 Induktiivõpe: Rooma kiri (EST)

Inductive Bible Study: Roman (ENG)

Induktiivõpe: Exodus (EST)

Индуктивное обучение: Исход (RUS)

Exodus: Inductive Bible Study (ENG)

Uue Testamendi induktiivõpe praktikum (EST)

Практика индуктивного изучения Нового Завета (RUS)

New Testament Inductive Study Practicum (ENG)

Uue Testamendi eksegees (EST)

Hermeneutics I

Hermeneutics II

Jesus in Gospels

Old Testament Prophets

Wisdom literatuure and Poetry

Jeremiah: Ministering Prophetically to our Contemporary World

Introduction to Theology

Systematic Theology I

Systematic Theology II

Denominational Studies

Philosophy Survey

Comparative Religion

Cultural Anthropology for Christian Missions

Thinking missionally

Foundations of Wesleyan Theology

Foundations of Wesleyan Theology

Культура Православия

Church history: early church and the middle ages

The Church from the Enlightenment to Today

History of the Estonian Church

Spiritual Formation Seminar I

Spiritual Formation Seminar II

Spiritual Formation Seminar III

Spiritual Formation Seminar IV

Spiritual Formation Seminar V

Spiritual Formation Seminar VI

Практикум хомилетики

Theology of Worship

Практика поклонения

Church Growth and Church Planting

Entrepreneurial Leadership of Missional Projects

Foundations of Diaconal Ministry

Lifelong learning in the congregations

Introduction to psychology

Practical communication psychology

Pastoral Care and Basics in Counselling

Communicating the Christian Message

Information Media Production for Christian Mission

Социология религии

New Spirituality in 21st century Estonia

Christian Identity in Contemporary Society

Christian martyrs and persecution

UMC Polity - Форма правления ОМЦ

Practical Ministry of Methodist Church pastors in Estonia

Finno-Ugric culture and Christian mission

Family Counselling

Практика  I:  Наблюдение - Ministry Practicum I: Observation

Практика II: Служение в церкви - Ministry Practicum II: Congregational ministry

Ministry Practicum III: Mission - Практика III: Миссия

Teadusliku uurimustöö alused - Основы исследовательской работы - Foundations of Scientific Research

APA vormistusreeglid - АПА правила - АPA formatting

MS Teams training for teachers and interpreters - Обучение MS Team для учителей и переводчиков

Oбучения программы Teams для студентов - Teams program training for students

Moodle для начинающих - Moodle for beginners

Moodle для учителей - Moodle for teachers 

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